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Andrew Allport


This is me.......

My interest in photography started as a young boy watching my father develop and print black and white photographs in the blacked-out bathroom of our home, which he used as a darkroom.  My real interest in photography started when  I was allowed to take a few pictures with his old Pentax camera. Marvelling at the way you can capture a moment in time seemingly forever and often in an artistic way, I eventually invested in a Canon A1 in the early 1990’s. I also saved up for a  a 50mm macro lens and a 70-210mm zoom and I have not stopped photography since. I used colour slide film all the time in the early days, concentrating on wildlife, botanical and scenic shots and as well as extensive use of the camera while travelling to many far flung places around the globe. In 2007 I was persuaded to go digital and things have come a long way since, both for me personally and in the digital age and world of photography.  My passion was as a hobby rather than any professional work and whilst in a high pressure full time job, time to concentrate on my passion was limited.  I now have a range of the latest digital photography equipment.


Whilst most of my work is in and around Yorkshire I continue to travel to various places around the world, which allows exploration of a wealth of interesting and different photographic subjects.




Recognition of my work.


My work has been recognised over the years and I have been a finalist in the internationally renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year run by the Natural History Museum with a further six images that made it into the semi-finals over several years. My images have also been exhibited at the NEC in Birmingham and been published in various Travel Magazines and books.  My images have been regularly shortlisted in the top ten images in the Telegraph Big PIcture competition and I have been the winner on three occasions.  I have also taught creative master classes in digital photography as part of  an adult education program. My images of the natural world are used in various scientific papers and journals.


Over the winter 2011/12 I went on an extended trip to southern India and had many photographs published in the press and in a Mumbai magazine as well as being used for billboard advertising. I also had an outdoor exhibition of 100 mounted prints stretching for nearly a quarter of a kilometre and visited by over three thousand people.


A wildlife image from Brazil adorns the travel industry's 'Travel Photo of the Year' book 2012 and several images from Andalucia, Spain have been used in advertising for holiday rental properties in Spain. Images also accompany travel writing articles written by my wife on various websites and in magazines.


 Whilst my photography is purely a spare time hobby, I also licence images through various agencies worldwide helping to promote interest in wildlife and the natural world. You can click the links opposite and below to view many of my images.


If you see someone on a windswept cliff top, deep in the rainforest or up a mountain at dawn or dusk, laden down with photographic and optical equipment, please say hello, it might be me.

Andrew-Allport-East-Yorkshire -Photographer

See some of my most popular images by clicking the link below. You can easily download images at low prices or simply enjoy viewing.

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